Why staying organised is important?

Why staying organised is important?

When we ask this question to our self , we get two answers, 1) It helps us stay in control and saves time for every minute we invest in it today 2) Not really as it is just a matter of habit. Excuses we give– I don’t get time, I am working, I have a lot to do already, It doesn’t matter etcetra.

Well I guess it’s a matter of choice, in our whole life we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff and find it really hard to discard. In our house, at work, everywhere we just keep piling up the stuffs. If you decide to spend a little time , few minutes a day on de-cluttering and organizing the area around you it saves a lot of future time for you, which we waste in searching things we have stored since years.

Now if you are finding ways to stay organised, then I might help you with few tips from my side as I have been always blamed for having a OCD(Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) with neatness and with staying organized but I feel I am just a cleanliness freak and love things in place. Some daily/weekly/monthly activity might help you to keep things organised, as mentioned below :

  1. A regular check — Like an inspection of your own house, your own room, office desk. You decide on the frequency of time, it could be weekly ,fortnightly or even daily, take out few minutes from your daily routine, so that you do not end up accumulating things which are not meant to be. Initially it becomes difficult as we do not understand from where do we start, right here, start from the things in front of you right now.. Take one room at time, one closet, one drawer and once you just start it , you will realize there are things which are not at all useful and has been just occupying some space, I tell you– Discard them right away. If there is something which others can use then pass on or donate to someone needy, just do not keep it for another few months or years.
  2. Recycle or donate — There could be some old clothes, sarees, jeans which could be recycled in rugs (duri), Cushion covers or you may simply donate them to your maid, watchman or someone needy. Even books can be donated to a library. There are old utensils in kitchen , lying down since ages , We don’t even use it but they are there.. first of all we need to get rid of the sentiment we attach to each and every object we have in our house in our possession. Exceptions are always there for the things which are rare and irreplaceable, but we need not carry forward things like some legacy of accumulation.
  3. Delegate work— A house is just not one person’s responsibility, delegate each area to each person of the house. It helps them to understand the difference between need and want and also they learn to organize things in their own way. There could be some stuffs or items which you might not find useful but your kid would want to keep it, then make him understand if it is really needed and then let him decide it.

It just doesn’t happens in a single flow or at once. it is a continuous improvement kind of a process, in which you invest a lot of time. My personal experience of de-cluttering has always been amazing as in the end I feel lighter as if I reduced some burden from my head. Even the most busy person could spare few minutes daily to make it work.

So the bottom line is if something is unused for a longer time, basicly its a clutter and it needs to go, we create them by postponing our decisions of letting them go.

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