Bring it ON!!

Who doesn’t know Vikas Khanna?

This one is for my favourtite and most followed Chef!! 🙂

Internationally acclaimed Chef, restaurateur, food writer, filmmaker, Vikas Khanna is an award-winning, Michelin-starred Indian chef,  and the host of the Indian TV show “Master Chef India.” He has written more than 25 cookbooks. His book Flavors First won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award. Khanna Sutra, My Great India and Savor Mumbai won Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.UTSAV- A Culinary Epic of Indian Festivals has become the world’s most expensive cookbook. UTSAV was launched at 68th Cannes Film Festival and has been presented to President Obama, HH Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, PM Modi and most recently Khanna was invited to Buckingham Palace to present UTSAV to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
I recently saw his very inspiring video on TED Talk India, where-in, in his entire video he appeared to be humble, grounded and generous. Although he has been through a lot in his life,specialy in his childhood , but he still is being grateful what he went through and gives the entire credit to the situations and challenges he faced in his life, which ultimately made him The Vikas Khanna. When Vikas Khanna was born, the doctor told his mother he would never walk or run. It was the first of the tough challenges in life that eventually shaped him into the world-famous chef, author and filmmaker he is today. Hear his inspiring story of the three challenges that pushed him to learn who he is and reach for greater things.
We all face similar consequences in our life, We go into the self-loathe or self-pitying zone. We complain that why me? What harm did I do to anyone in this whole word, why am I suffering? But difficulties in our life never come to destroy us but to help us understand what we are capable of doing in this life. Life is always challenging, and let us give our life a message simple and straight — BRING IT ON.
Have a wonderful day! Pump up!! Gear up!!

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