A Morning with Nature!

I love to make sudden plans and love to live in present, following the “let’s just do it” rule. Sometimes we need to break the monotony. We always wake up with so many things or a  to-do list in our mind. We make so many plans for the weekdays and specifically for the weekends. But sometimes it is ok to wake up unplanned, to wake up without any to do list. I have a five-year-old daughter and I love spending time with her. I always try to keep her busy in some or the other activity and hardly stress on her studies because she does it on her own (till now at least :)). In order to keep her away from the mobile phone and avoiding screen time, I have to keep her engaged somewhere, which I usually do by painting with her, dancing with her, making her read story books and taking her out for cycling or skating.

Recently I came to know that there is a beautiful Butterfly Garden located near my house, which I was not aware of and decided to take my family there for early morning Sunday outing, I must say it was a wonderful experience. We all woke up on time, finished our breakfast, got ready and went to see the beautiful butterfly garden.

Sharing this post just to convey to you all that sometimes breaking monotony boosts our day and it gives you a purpose for the day leaving a pleasant smile of that day’s experience. Sharing few pictures I could manage to click with my little one, hope you enjoy watching them 🙂



Much Love



3 thoughts on “A Morning with Nature!

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