Be the Wonder Women


If we choose not to raise our voice then we are losers

If we try to defend ourselves we are being feminists

If we try to build our own castle

You try to break it and it leaves us to hustle

But let me tell you something…

We just want a space for us

We want to breathe free

We want to walk with our head high

not hiding our body parts for you to see


When I sit in rickshaw you watch me from the mirrors

How do I fix this never ending errors?

When I walk alone you try on me

When I deck up and try to look my best

you accept it as invitation leaving the rest


I am being on my own 

I post pictures because I like them

Not for your likes or comments man

I live for my honor and my pride

don’t you dare take me for a ride

You are you, I am me

women are special let them be


Not because we bleed, not because we give birth to a new life

but your world is incomplete without a mother, daughter or a wife


No matter how much you criticize us for standing for our rights

I see a very lesser man to support and understand the issue of our fights

I see no man worried while walking alone in the dark

or sitting alone at the park

I see no man protecting a woman in public transport for the cheap steps they take,

they touch you, push you just to caress you, in the end, oh sorry madam it was by mistake?

It happens with me even at this age

then why are we tamed or blamed, when we show our rage?

We shout we yell, we protest we fail..but every time we fail, we rise up high again and give a message to the world, to stop messing up with a woman as one day if a woman decides to mess up with you then even she doesn’t know what destruction it would lead to. Nothing is more dangerous than a woman who no longers cry for help.

Just a message for all the woman to invoke them to stand up for the things they believe in, stop expecting and start working on the things which annoy you or hurts you. We need to learn that, nobody gives us the power, we just have to take it.

Take charge of your life. Be you in all ways and always!

Happy International Women’s day!


Much love and gratitude



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