Are You Working Or Just A Housewife?

It doesn’t matter if you are a postgraduate, a software engineer, a lawyer, a doctor or even a Ph.D. but when you are not working 9 to 5, you are just a housewife. Period.

I am a post graduate with six years of full-time work experience with Multi-National Company and Education sector, but from last two years I have not been working full time and took up blogging as a career path. Reasons? End number, health constraints, devoid child facility, family constraints, or simply not planning to return back to work and focusing on building self on a broader level. But whenever I meet someone new or whenever I am in a social gathering a single question sums up my life, so are you working or just a housewife?

I believe the same is the case with thousands and lacs of mothers out there, yes mothers, because once we are mothers we are just housewife for others. I see a lot of skilled and talented women sitting at home and taking care of their family with utmost dedication. Inside them, there is a dream, a hope to return back to work someday, just after kid starts going to school or as soon as she gets a better facility for her child. Isn’t it an amazing fact that we women always put our family, our kids first, leaving aside our dreams, our visions, and our capabilities, we compassionately deal with each and expectation surrounding us.

We get frustrated, depressed and we suffer in silence when we see other women still working with a child because we too want to work and look out for the means and ways. But here I want to convey something that even if we are not working outside, for someone else and struggling to make our identity. We are building our family, we are preparing our kids for a better tomorrow, is that less than a challenging job? Where in you are the only one responsible for every good or bad in the house, no holiday and a 24 by 7 work culture?

I feel a mother is the most knowledgeable asset in the house, as she wants to be the answer for every need and every question her child has. In the process of making her kids learn something she learns it and when she shares it with her child she becomes twice as knowledgeable in that subject because when you teach something to someone else, you learn it twice and your skills upgrade. A mother knows what a child needs, what her family member needs, so what if she is not running an office, she is running a house in her best capacities applying all her organizing skills by keeping things on the place, presentation skills by keeping house beautiful and pleasant, communication skills in deriving work from the maids, dealing with milkman etc., accounting skills in bargaining and budgeting for the households and monthly expenses, She can be a counselor and also a tremendous source of positive support to her husband and child, which keeps the family going and flourishing, so you still think that we are JUST Housewives?

Being a housewife is not a condition of misery, it’s a situation or a choice which can be changed at any moment in the correct time. A determined mother who can give up her career for her family and kids can never be out of pace when it comes to returning back to work, because she keeps that desire burning inside her all the time, she stays hopeful of giving herself a second chance, and the best part is she never stops upgrading herself, learning new things. So ladies, be prepared, be present and be available, you never know when an opportunity might strike back and you might get a chance to fulfill your hidden desires and tell the world that you are not JUST a housewife you are a working house lady 🙂

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair


P.S: First published at Momspresso -

19 thoughts on “Are You Working Or Just A Housewife?

  1. Really very good .When I was reading.I was thinking it is almost related to me. It was expressed by you but while reading I thought it was expressed by me.Thank u very much.

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  2. You bet! Our society and its dumb perception. Next time educate them saying its homemaker and not housewife demanding a lot of dedication and no less than someone working in an office. I honestly believe it’s important that one set of parent should be at home, whether husband or wife should take care by being at home. It’s important.

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    • Right, but not everyone sees it like that..You are at home means you are doing nothing, I believe a kid needs her mother in their youngest version, atleast till the time they turn five. Rest can be done or achieved later but this time will never return.

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