Book Review: Travel, My Way

Book Review: Travel, My Way

A Travelogue by mother of twin daughters

Blogchatter Book Review Program

Author: Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

Book Name: Travel, My Way

Genre: Travel

Total Number of Pages: 88

Publisher: Blogchatter

About the Author:

“I have many tales to tell Of the places, I have visited and the cities I have dwelled”, Say the Author of the book, “Travel, My Way” a curated compilation of her personal travel tales, sharing her travel experiences and memories, right from her childhood till now when she is a mother.

Author of the book, Vartika is a blessed mother of beautiful twin girls. She is an ex-HR professional, an amazing painter and here I would like to share she has very recently been invited to submit her artwork at ten-day Banditto Residency Prize art gallery at Tuscany, Italy.

A travel enthusiast, foodie, nature lover, and now a new author makes her multi-talented and a super mom of two. She hails from the city of Nawabs and Kebabs, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and married in Delhi based Punjabi family. Currently, she is exploring life in another part of the world, Poland, miles away from her family in India.

She is an extrovert and a fun-loving person who believes in vibe game. She is a very simple person, dislikes fakes, duality, and show-offs. She embarked on her writing journey in September 2017 while coping with her father’s loss.

She has a versatile blog ​“Vartikasdiary – let the heart speak” ​where she writes about parenting, travel, food, relationships, short stories, poetries, social issues, and random musings. 


I believe traveling changes a person a lot and when you have so many stories to share with the world it surely connects with everyone who reads it. The author has traveled several Indian destinations like Lucknow, Kedarnath, Amritsar, Rishikesh, Jaisalmer, Kodaikanal, to name few with a slice of Europe in her board.

You will find an interesting flavor of humor, dark, romance, adventure and affection as you turn the pages of the book which you will surely enjoy reading.

Apart from sharing the different places, beautifully captured pictures of the monuments and details of the tour and helpful tips the author has also shared few very handy and useful tips to be taken care while traveling especially when you are traveling with kids.

Her Chapter, “Scary and unforgettable childhood memories of Himachal Pradesh”, literally gave me goosebumps as she narrates two such horrifying incidents crazy enough to scare the hell out of a person especially when you are at an unknown place.

The breathtaking narration of Alleppey and Kodaikanal’s beauty and divine hues of Amritsar will make you feel like visiting the place and the author has tried to cover every minute details for each place.

“As soon as I got down from the plane, I remember I told my husband, “The air is so fresh here”, as it was a pleasant welcome “, says the author when she moved to Poland in 2016, an Eastern European country situated on the Baltic Sea, popular for its medieval architecture and Jewish heritage, sharing the beautiful culture and places to explore in Poland.

Prague was her very first vacation with her infant twins and that chapter remains very special even though she had to manage two kids. The author has covered many foreign destinations with two babies by her side and to explore more you got to read the book.

Why you should read this book?

From road trips to trekking to experiencing divinity to facing horrible and unexpected incidents and yet smiling brightly with her twin kids, the author has left a memorable travelogue with her experiences.

I often hear people say that it is difficult to travel with kids and have seen families to avoid any travel just because of the fear of facing tantrums by their kids while the journey. As you read this book you will find some very useful tips and inspiration to travel the world with a kid by your side and trust me it will be fun.

So just grab your free downloadable link now – Travel, My Way

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Hello ma’am, this sounds fabulous and your views are icing on the cake. I’m a new one in the world of blogging. Would love to see your views on my post. I’m sure you’ll love to read it.


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  4. Pingback: Travel my way can be grabbed on Amazon now

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