21 Days Meditation Challenge – Day 1

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing fine and staying home, staying safe. India is officially lockdown for 21 days, it is a tough time for all us, worldwide.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic this is the most difficult time we are witnessing as humans, this whole hting is not only creating havoc but instilling fear inside everyone with each passing day.

Being a mental health blogger and promoter, I wqanted to contribute, although I am not keeping well form quite sometime but as a society this is the time we should come forward and contribute in any way possible. Atleast we can help each other by being there for each other.

With this thought, I have initiated a very small attempt to spread wellness from my end. I am not a professional but I believe that meditation, Yoga, and Pranayam do help to gain inner strength and that is all we need at this moment of lockdown.

I am going to post some videos, some blogs, quotes and tasks for whole 21 days as a contribution from my end. I pray for all of you.

Please stay at home and stay safe. take care.

Love, Priyanka

2 thoughts on “21 Days Meditation Challenge – Day 1

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  2. It’s so true about the right posture to avoid pain and inject focus in such tough times. I can’t believe I am reading this post so late, Priyanka. Keep share.


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