Mental Health Amid Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Welcome to the 14th episode of my mental health awareness series.

Amid this Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, where health is not only restricted to physical health but with the passing days it is leading to several mental distress in individuals.

Novel Coronavirus pandemic is not only a severe medical tragedy but it is leading to a deep sense of fear of losing a job, loss of income, ill-health condition and the effects of isolation is such that we all we be under its hangover for coming few years.

We have our 14th guest to spread some light and enable people to speak and seek help if they are going through some mental illness in this situation. Mimansa Singh Tanwar is a clinical psychologist.

She is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist working in the clinical space using evidence-based treatments with adolescents, parents, couples, and families. She holds an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology.

As the Lead Clinical Psychologist, she provides clinical supervision and assistance to psychologists to enhance therapeutic care across centers. She also leads the Fortis School Mental Health Program with a sense of passion for enhancing the mental health in children.

She has a keen interest in qualitatively improving the skills and well-being of adults who work with children. She has co-authored the parenting book ‘Raising Confident Children: A 52-week guide’. She has co-designed and co-authored ‘Talking about Mental Health in the Classroom- A Mental Health Curriculum for Teachers’. She has also co-created a comic series on mental health called ‘Laugh n Learn with Dr. Parikh – Study and Exam Skills’.

Her books are available on Amazon:

Raising Confident Children: A 52-week guide’. -

Laugh & Learn with Dr. Parikh: Study and Exam Skills:


Please stay home and stay safe.

Love, Priyanka Nair

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Amid Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Thanks Mimansa Ji and Priyanka for this video and during lockdown time, we are bound to feel anxious and depressed with the fear. Initially, I couldn’t sleep with the anxiety hitting high and this video is of immense help to express what we face inside.


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