10 Things I Do To Keep Up My Sanity

Being a Mental Health Advocate, I am someone who talks about raising mental health awareness and share all the possible tricks and hacks to save sanity for my readers, on the contrary, I am not even allowed to feel stressed or complain about it. Just because I promote it full-fledged I think I have made an impact that I never feel vulnerable and I am a positive person in every situation.

Big Misconception! Even I feel low, even I cry, even I feel emotionally drained and exhausted but important is that I continuously work on it. I follow what I share on my blogs and videos (not preach) I understand, I could empathize and I can proudly call myself a good and active listener.

We always find haters around us and I have been like told by them that I must follow the advice I give to others, so I just decided to pen down a few advice I give to others, taking out my time, putting in a lot of effort and upgrading myself by getting at least 6 certificates in this field. I guess that is crazy enough to show how much I am dedicated and committed to raising mental health awareness.

10 Things I Do to Keep up my Sanity

1.) Exercise

Any form of it, Yoga, Meditation, Cycling, Pilates, or even dance. I keep myself moving. Nowadays I cycle for at least 30 minutes then if I am in the mood I do another 30 minutes yoga asanas.

I enjoy stretching my body and I love the connection I have with myself.

2.) Music

One of the best therapies for many and I am sure all of you will relate to this, music works for everyone because we have music for all ears.

3.) Art/Gardening

I am connected to art ever since my childhood, I have always loved to paint and create some recycled stuff. I create Mandalas, little canvas paintings, and even DIYs. It is a wonderful getaway from stress and it keeps you intrigued constructively. (Also adds beauty to your house:) )

4.) Writing

Writing is cathartic and hence I have two blogs that I try to keep updated. This is my personal blog and I have a professional blog Sanity Daily, wherein I write fully researched topics, with a lot of effort, with at least 2000 words per bog and I try to put a soul in each and every blog I create just to be a medium to ease someone’s agony.

5.) Reading

Reading takes you to a different world. It helps you to escape from daily intricacies of life and you learn a lot when you read books written by different authors. It helps you understand their perspective and sometimes change yours.

6.) Staying away from negative people

I was very unsuccessful in doing this, but now I draw a firm line and I don’t let everyone cross that line. I stay away from people who don’t like me much, you can’t see me growing. I stay away from everything which causes drama and unnecessary stress in life.

7.) Investing in self

I learn new things, I involve my daughter in everything I do. I keep on reading and learning about new things. There is a lot to learn and when you are an open learner you never cease to grow and you don’t dwell into small talks, gossips, and demeaning others.

8.) Setting realistic goals

I know my capacities than anybody else and I know how far I can stretch myself. I set realistic goals for myself and I keep a check on them. I always maintain a daily to-do list and set deadlines for each work, which helps me to monitor my growth.

9.) Being grateful

For all the things I lose, all the friends or people I lose, I count my blessings. Nothing stays forever and there would hardly anyone by your side till the end , so keep moving even if you are alone and you will always have something or someone to be grateful for.

10.) Not seeking validation

This came very late for me. I wanted everyone and I wanted everyone to be happy. I wanted to get support and validation from my people for what all I do, but only a few years back I realized that not everyone will love you or like what you do. Not everyone will appreciate you and that is perfectly fine.

You are here to stay and not to please people. This might sound like a ranting post, but I feel sometimes it is ok to feel not ok and say it loud because when you convey something softly people take you for granted and leave their toxicity to you.

All the things I have mentioned above and other countless daily things being a mother, I do it all to keep up with my sanity and that’s how I gain strength to spread awareness, mental illness is for real, and working on it is essential. I somehow heal by helping others. So that’s me 🙂

Stop for nothing, acknowledge how you feel, work on it, stand up and give it back.

Much love and gratitude

Priyanka Nair

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Do To Keep Up My Sanity

  1. Thank you for this post. After reading I have realized that deep down everyone of us is seeking validation from others but we should really stop doing it because as you said we really can’t make everyone happy and it only results in emotional stress.

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