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Who are they?

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First, they ignore you

later they sneak up on you

they watch you

they hate you

they follow you

but they don’t admit

they want to like you

but they can’t even stand you

they want to admire you

but their ego doesn’t allow them to

they want to appreciate your work

but they find it too difficult

then they criticize you

they question you

cross-question you

they doubt you

they try to bring you down

plant a seed of fear in you

Here, you got to be strong

a badass a ruthless dreamer

whose dreams are bigger than any shit happening in their life

whose aims are brighter than any negativity in their life

you got to fight every day and win the fight for yourself

you got to believe in yourself

you got to stand for yourself

Remember no one gives you the power you have to grab it.

Much love and gratitude




30 thoughts on “Who are they?

  1. They are the shadow
    keeping the fear alive
    The reminders of bad
    and the good times
    They are the blow horn
    that takes you by surprise
    They are the warning
    which never comes twice
    You have chosen your path
    They are always there to put up a fight
    A stern look and a strong push
    But never forget to smile.

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