My four year Old Love-Affair!!

My biggest reason for my smile, calls me “MOTHER”.

I am a four-year old mother , madly in love with my wonderful daughter… I call myself a four year old mother because the day my girl was born, I was re-born as a mother and my life changed completely. How beautiful that moment is for any mother, when she holds her new-born for the first time in her hands and feels her skin for the first time, the feeling is surreal. The joy of that moment can’t be explained in words but the sight and the emotions are still fresh in my mind.

Mine is a breath of fresh air who can become a hurricane in no time, but she is mini me.. who loves to explore, loves to enjoy little things in life. Initially I thought I have to raise a child, It is going to be a very tough task but over the years I understood that I am raising a wonderful human. I am her everything I am a life coach who is constantly teaching her about life, I am her body guard protecting her and shielding her from the difficulties in life, I am her guide, I am her mentor, I am her everything making her life-ready. While I saw my little tot growing up in front of my eyes, I realized that I too was growing up with her, I was growing up as a person, and the more I taught her the more I learned from her. Growing up with her , dawned on me the pain my parents must have gone through to make me who I am today. It’s a continuous process of nurturing and I do not believe there is any set parenting rule, what all a parent does for the child is the best he could do and the with the changing times and changing needs of the child, we have to adjust the approach.

It is said that – “Being a mother is not about what you gave up in order to have the child, but what you have gained from having one”. What I gained from having my child is something I would love to share..I am a very ambitious person and when my daughter was born I chose to quit my job because I wanted to experience each and every moment of my baby’s childhood and I followed what I had exactly planned, because these moments are precious and they will never return, I choose to have a bank account full of my little one’s memories than having money in it. The ambitious me still kept bothering me somewhere deep inside but I was happily raising my girl and doing so much fun together.

It was when she started going to her Pre-school , that was the time I thought I could get back to my career path.. I identified and bought back passion in my life by introspecting what I all I used to enjoy doing but could not continue due to my studies, my job, that is where the #VirtualSiyahi came into picture, and I started my own blog site in 2016 and started writing my heart out.

I am a moderate English speaker , so initially I was not sure about it going on various social media platforms, but gradually I started receiving positive apprehension on my work and I was able to convey my message to the people which was enough for me.This is what I gained in this Love affair and I am happy that I did not miss any of her firsts…first tooth, first word, first crawl, first step and all those firsts which will last forever. The process of learning still continues for me as in this journey of raising a child, I m also raising myself! This is my forever kind of love story..whats yours? 🙂

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10 thoughts on “My four year Old Love-Affair!!

  1. You are building a beautiful life, joy, a brand who will shine. More power to both of you girls and of course, virtual siyahi that will emerge as a brand. You are extraordinary and this post expressed the bonding between a mother and a child in a deep manner. Love is energy like every little dot of lights that transcend.

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