I woke up to 100 followers

I could not believe when I saw 100 followers on my blog!!

I started blogging with no idea of the existing blogging world around me. I just knew that now we can write online with some free platforms available. I always loved expressing myself by the way of writing or speaking. When I started writing, initially, it took a lot of time to get along or get accustomed to the workings and formats of the WordPress. I was too scared of posting anything without a proofread by my husband before I publish anything. I wanted to make less grammatical errors and sound more articulate. I use to write one or two article per month when I started with my blog Virtual Siyahi, but later on, I realized the power of the mighty pen I have got in my hands (in our case the power of keyboard on our tables or laps).

It was early 2017, I took a drift and started reading a lot, researching a lot. Eventually, words started flowing and I started writing more often and that too without any proofread or fear of being back-lashed. What all I wrote came straight from my mind or my heart. I still remember my first follower, my student Namita Pal and now I am on my hundredth follower Lucid Being and it certainly helps me feel so happy and motivated.

Virtual Siyahi my blog

I know for all the experts or experienced bloggers out there 100 followers might not be a big deal but for me, it is, as when I started I never knew how this thoughts and words baked dish, would taste like, and now when I have tasted it, I want more. I want to explore more, read more, write more. I just learned one thing, out of my little span of blogging, that staying connected with like-minded people, reading their valuable stuffs and writing your own thought process helps you grow as a person and see things which you would have missed, if not opted for the idea you thought about at first place.

I would like to thank you all for appreciating my write-ups and being a part of my blogging journey. I have learned a lot and still learning. Thank you!!! Gratitude!




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