My Blog- My Happy Place!!


I am sure all the bloggers will agree on this. Perhaps, we find peace and solace in our words and our world of writing and reading.  It all starts with reading, when you read , you form an instant connection with all the characters breathing on those pages, you can smell the sand dunes and also the petrichor created in the plot of the book. We imagine all the characters without a second doubt on their mere existence..Result? Our imagination expands, it acquire wings and flies to a never-ending journey and for some, it unlocks the door of pen and a diary or nowadays Laptop/desktop, although I so wish to have  a typewriter , to get the real feel of a writer. My desk is full of positive elements and things I love. Five important P’s in my life:






For all these elements, I have my daughter’s pic on my desk, which reminds me of patience and perseverance, Gautam Buddha’s Idol as a symbol of peace, Goddess Durga Maa’s Book as a tremendous source of power and my favourite stuffs as a sign of depicted positivity.

Virtual Siyahi Desk

This is how I designed my writing desk. Building your own happy place really helps, when you want to disconnect from the outside world and engage in the world of our own. I believe that we bloggers ( no matter a beginner or an expert) all seek a little appreciation and recognition for our work, for their piece of art, we create daily from our heart and mind. We don’t get paid for writing each and every blog, we don’t get compensated regularly, we simply follow our passion of writing and yes, in between , we do come across money-making ways, which is a like an icing on the cake. Otherwise, we just flow like a clueless compass in every possible direction seeking inspiration and learning new things, and that little appreciation is the REWARD we get in return, which certainly builds one’s morale and motivates to write more and also could be vice versa.

Find your Happy Place and explore the eternal space. Build yourself, follow your passion and live the life of your dreams.




20 thoughts on “My Blog- My Happy Place!!

  1. Well said! This happy place to sit, write and read is very important. Right now, my table is cluttered with books and notepad…need to create space on the table this week to breathe free. Coffee shop is a happy place but not home, to breath, flip pages and get inspired.

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