Quick Check on 2018 goals

We all make New Year resolutions every year, we set new goals for each year only to keep ourselves motivated and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Our list usually comprises of the things which we truly want to accomplish in this life but due to our busy schedules and daily routine we miss onto it or we keep on ignoring it.

Somewhere deep inside we all want to be what we cannot be, or we pretend to be what we do not want to be, point? Now let me explain, we all want to try all the possible things in life, we want to explore, we want to travel, we want to learn languages, we want to get high paying jobs, we want to study more, we want to pursue higher things in life. But ever since our childhood we are instilled to follow certain norms set by the society, we have to complete our education in the given time, we have to find a good job, get settled to get married and then the cycle continues. In between, we miss onto so many things we wanted to explore in this life.  That is what our TO-DO-List consists of.

If you ever get to sneak into someone else’s New Year resolution just try to understand what they wanted in their life and could not accomplish and might as well won’t complete it in this year also, and it will occupy space in the next year’s resolution list again. You will also notice that whenever you sit to decide onto jotting down your New Year Resolution, the list contains all the things your inner-self wished to do long back. And we still have time. Just have a quick check on your goals and try to complete them before the year ends. It will not only give you a sense of accomplishment but it will also help you explore the next new things.

Make space for new goals in your life. Complete your To-Do List of this year and create a new one for 2019.

Thank you



3 thoughts on “Quick Check on 2018 goals

  1. I tried so many times and failed that I stopped all the resolutions. True, we are caught by realities in life. But, will learn driving, take a new course and come to India next year. I really love your reflection Priyanka and it always brings a smile to my face.

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