Being grateful for my 100th Blog!

While I am sitting here, thinking what to write as this is my 100th blog. Yes!! I just cannot believe I am going to write my one-hundredth blog, and I could manage to write on a hundred different topics. So what should be the content of this special blog?

What should I share?

Why should I care?

Shall I show some love or just leave this thought in the air like a dove?

And while I was thinking, twisting and turning my little brain with numerous topics to write,I just thought,I reached till here because of those significant people who appreciated my writings, who got inspired by my work, who felt motivated watching me do something and above all, who supported me in this journey of my life. So how better it could be than taking this as an opportunity of being GRATEFUL to everyone who encouraged me to follow my passion.

I realized that we cannot make everyone to like us or what we are doing, so I simply followed the mantra of, love what you do and do what you love. I started seeing gratitude as the core essence of living a life. Being Grateful for what I have and living in the present made me content. I understood the value of each view, like, follower or subscriber when I started with Vlog on my Youtube Channel and after that, I started following back everyone who followed me or appreciated me. I always responded whenever someone needed help.

I struggled hard to get subscribers, I asked my friends to follow me, watch me but then I realized that not everyone would relate to what you are saying, many of them do not even understand this another world of expressions and writing. Writing or speaking itself is an art, which not everybody could resonate with. Then I channelized my energy in just producing good content irrespective of the views or followers I am getting. I still feel happy because when I look back, I can see myself moving ahead, I have reached a place where I wasn’t before. If I would not have given means to my ideas then it would be just a thought which would have faded away with time.

I would like to express immense gratitude to my strong pillars who never let me go into self-doubt and push me to do what I got to do. I would start with my family, my dad, husband, brother, and my mom. My best friends and my few cousins and all WordPress Blogger friends. ABOVE ALL I would thank my cute little five-year-old daughter, who let me write peacefully, sits beside me, see what am I doing and also asks me, ” Mama How much likes did you get today?” 🙂

Every action of giving thanks always causes an opposite reaction of receiving and I firmly believe when I say this, Gratitude changes everything. Count your blessings!!

Thank you all !! Gratitude!

Much Love



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