The HERO of my life!

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Father daughter

This short story is entirely dedicated to my father, we rarely express our love and respect for our father through poetries and write-ups, so through this contest, I would like to take this opportunity to express my hear-felt emotions for my hero, my papa.

If we go by the stats, we express a lot of love and devotion for our mothers and our dad plays the silent yet a prime role throughout our life. So what’s unique about this father-daughter relationship?

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Me and My Father Story

My father is a very disciplined, punctual yet a very friendly dad any daughter would want to have. He is my major source of strength, the real ‘taqat’ I would say.

At a very young age, he gave me full access to his bank accounts, monetary transactions, encouraged me to learn new things out of the household activities, traveling alone, explore opportunities.

At that point of time, I never realized this, but I was growing from inside, I was learning a lot, the exposure he gave me in terms of practical learning helped me to be independent, make my own decisions.

He helped me understand that life will not always be easy but you have to make it work for you, he gave me his fighting spirit and positive outlook towards life.

He is 64 today and without fail he gets up early and follows his Yoga, Pranayam, Pilates regime. He does mountain-climbing, planks, burpees, lunges and I feel so ashamed and hide. He inspires me every day to take care of my health and follow a healthy routine.


Apart from grooming me in his conventional ways, he has been my best friend and I could confidently tell him about my boyfriend, who is now my husband. I told him and left the decision to him, he liked him and we got married.

Even after my eight years of marriage not a single day has passed when we have not spoken to each other, right from his office diaries to his agonies , I am there to hear him and he is the only person who easily makes out the lowness in my voice no matter how much I try to sound happy when the days are low.

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I am proud to be known as his daughter and I want to make him proud and that’s the reason I work hard, I fall, I rise and I stop for nothing.

My source of strength

My guiding light

My gaurdian angel

My ray of hope

My gut and spine

his love is matchless and its pure and divine

Much love and gratitude



20 thoughts on “The HERO of my life!

  1. A perfect reflection to the moments spent with your dad, lessons learnt from his wisdom and the beautiful bond shared. True, that fathers’ efforts are often unsung and ignored when compared to other relations but this relationship doesn’t need much words 😊.


  2. Wonderful! For me too, my favorite heroes are my father and my husband. Father – daughter relationship is most strong relationship can’t be compared with other relationships.


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