Meditation and Today’s Task- Day 10


How long are you willing to hold the bad energy within you? We meet a few people in our daily life who suck our good energy and pass their negative energies to us.

We call them energy vampires, who leave us rattling and battling inside. Let us get rid of them, it won’t happen at one go but eventually, it will once you decide to let go of it, with each breath you exhale.

Exhale all the negativity and soak into the positivity of life.

priyanka nair

Please stay home stay safe.

Much love and gratitude


One thought on “Meditation and Today’s Task- Day 10

  1. Hi Priyanka, I will try doing that and for sure such an effective method to ward off the negative energy. I need to get back meditating and the blink of and eye needs to be more regular. Thanks for this empowering post.


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