Virtual Siyahi

Sounds like a poetry

I have truth in my muse

Compassion in my views

I don’t surrender for anything less

As I just write to express

I write to relate, to connect, not to impress

Be the words a medium to heal someone’s agony

Be it a source of clearance to your dismay

Writing to me is no less than a means of psychiatry

I just scribble something which sounds like a poetry


On a poetic note,




20 thoughts on “Sounds like a poetry

      1. Great.. Priyanka.. I suggest you should increase your followers… You know right most of the old followers are no longer exist or doesn’t come here now…. I just wish more people should benefit from your blog..

      2. Yes.. most of them start from a point but don’t remain consistent…
        I suppose exploring the readers page and find blogs like yours adds up..
        By the way keep writing and that’s all it matters..

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