Why expectations hurt?

We live in a kind of patriarchal society, which coexists like an oxymoron.

Where in one place, we are always taught to stay hopeful, look for brighter sides in life and in every person we meet in life, focus on the positive aspects of life and on the contrary we are also taught to expect less from our life, from people we live with and deal with in our daily life. We often complain about, how hurtful is expecting from others but we still continue to expect. Our misplaced expectations become a reason of our own disappointments. What could be done to overcome this dilemma to expect or do not expect?

#Shift your focus on things that matter.

#Concentrate on your health, your body is your main residence, where you have to live forever, so nourish it.

#Try to build yourself, upgrade your self, invest in yourself.

#Take time to learn new things, we are often dependent on others for many things, we expect that someone will come and help us. Not always! You have to keep on finding your own ways. The less you are dependent on others, less you expect.

#Stop seeking validation. Even when we are cooking, we expect compliments and appreciation, perform it as your duty, not as a task.

#Never expect anybody to change for you, if they do, it’s sheer luck. But most of the times we expect others to behave in a certain manner and when they don’t, we get disappointed.

#You cannot please everyone you meet, Not everyone will be happy seeing you grow and doing something in your life, do not expect appreciation from every corner of life. Continue your journey, even if you have to do it alone.

#When you see nothing works for you, never go into self-doubt and blame others or the external factors for your present situation. It is our pattern of expecting a lot and we need to break it for our own betterment.

In the end, be grateful for what you have and in between if you get some cherry on the icing, enjoy it.:)

Much Love



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