Mental Health Matters #2

Mind collided with deep thoughts

seeking refuge in pain

the utter silence creeps on

devastating the inner feelings

the dim shine

the pale brightness

the dull spark

the zone of discomfort

the struggle is for real

the pain is for real

The feelings and the emotional rampage one goes through after every panic attack one encounters is beyond imagination and no words can describe what goes inside the mind and soul of the individual. 

Many people with an anxiety disorder also have a co-occurring disorder or physical illness, which can make their symptoms worse and recovery more difficult.

It is said that approximately 5 percent of the population experience panic disorder at some point in their life.

Be present, be aware.



Much love and gratitude





10 thoughts on “Mental Health Matters #2

  1. Your posts howsoever long or short are meaningful and have a freshness of presentation to them. Would love to know more about this topic as it directly relates to a person’s mental well being.

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