Mental Health Awareness Series- Humanity ki Chain – Episode -4- Ms. Deepika Mishra

Welcome to the fourth Episode of Humanity ki chain, Mental Health Awareness Series, with the fourth guest Ms. Deepika Mishra

In today’s episode we discussed how we can help each other by simply being present and being in life, helping each other, looking out for each other, that’s what humanity is all about, isn’t it? 🙂

The stigma attached to mental illness is so acute that we have had a historically ‘hush-hush’ attitude towards it. Our culture has categorically discouraged emotional sharing and outbursts.

This Mental Health Awareness Series is a small attempt from my side to spread some mental health awareness and enable people to talk. The more we talk about it, the more we will be able to break the stigmas attached to it.

Mental Health is as important as Physical Health and it is not possible to drive a massive change alone, so let’s join together and spread some positivity.

You can get in touch with her here: Deepika Mishra at Facebook 

Her Blog Link : Aspiring Hope

Be a part (kadi) of this Humanity ki chain.
Contact me –

Much love and gratitude
Priyanka Nair

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