The Log Kya Kahenge Syndrome!!


We all know about this malady, a condition which spreads faster than anything among people over decades and decades, it is so infectious that people carry those germs within themselves from generations by default, and are happy to be with it and trust me when I say this, forget love, care, smile it has got the immense power to bind people across states, cultures and irrespective of any religion, all you need is to grab a corner and start a conversation about a person/family and you see people joining you soon.

Interestingly here the LOG/people, consists of any number of person whose aim in life is to invade others privacy and WE give them that freedom to enter our space and capture the most sensitive corners of our lives wherein they decide what is to be done and what is not to be done, we start living to please those people, who don’t even matter in our lives and all our life we carry a burden on our self and then we pass that burden on to our children.

A boy wants to pursue his career in Indian Classical Dance, but he is refrained from doing so just because of Log Kya Kahenge?
A girl wanting to marry someone out of her caste/religion, but again Log Kya Kahenge?
A woman wanting to step out and work is acceptable but a Man who doesn’t want to work cannot be acceptable because of Log Kya Kahenge?
We refrain our self from trying even a haircut or lipstick, thinking Log Kya Kahenge? See how we have given the remote control of our life, our happiness to others.

Many dreams are killed, left unheard and so much is left undone just because of the fear of LOG. We have been dealing with this Malady, from years and we are still dealing with it, sometimes we fall for it and sometimes we fight back but what good does it brings out, I could never understand, we stop doing something for the sake of what others will think, but do they really think? They never take responsibilities of the after effects of we not doing something, do they?

We always kept questioning this fact that , why do we need to please somebody who is not even a part of me, for my basic living, my dreams, and above all my life, the only ones who matter are my parents, my kids, my better half and above all Me, myself as at the end it will be only between Me and myself.

let’s not stop ourselves from what we could have done in our life by not doing it just for a few people who won’t even matter in future.



7 thoughts on “The Log Kya Kahenge Syndrome!!

  1. The log uses passive aggressively to make us believe what they think is true and many times we are cowered down. We have only one life and we need to get on with things, fearlessly for the sole judge is us. I agree and for long was reluctant to take the plunge and been resisting marriage not so wonderfully but quite decently!

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